Deborah Greene, the grandmother who bought Seattle’s first legal pot is donating some of that herb, along with clothes she wore that day, and more, to the Museum of History and Industry( MOHAI), the 103-year old Seattle institution with 4 million artifacts. MOHAI wants the mementos from Greene, 65, because they showcase “one more way […]

Last week we showed you a commercial for My420Mate that Comcast won’t air. But things are different in Canada, where medical marijuana purchased with a prescription has been legal since 2001. Marijuana seeds are legal and available, and Crop King Seeds has produced the country’s first marijuana commercial. The Vancouver-based marijuana breeder has not yet aired […]

Las Vegas city officials began accepting applications for medical marijuana land use and licensing permits. An extended deadline for submissions was also announced.  The city said prospective medical marijuana proprietors have until 3 p.m. on Wednesday, July 23 to submit their applications. Applications have to be physically submitted to the city’s Department of Planning at 333 […]

The first Kaya Shack opened on Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. in Portland, Oregon and commenced sale of marijuana to licensed medical marijuana cardholders in the city. This is the first Kaya Shack marijuana dispensary of a planned national chain.  The Company has targeted adding an additional 4-6 Kaya Shacks in Oregon and […]

U.S. regulators are studying whether restrictions on marijuana should be eased, a step toward decriminalizing the drug at the federal level. The Food and Drug Administration is conducting an analysis at the Drug Enforcement Administration’s request on whether the U.S. should downgrade the classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, said Douglas Throckmorton, Deputy […]

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) in Colorado is pushing for the Denver Police Department to lift the ban on off-duty marijuana use. This news comes after Police Chief Robert White announced that there is some questionable alcohol use going on in the department. Following a number of alcohol-related officer arrests this year, White ordered that […]

Advocates of legal marijuana in Oregon have gathered more than the required number of signatures to get a measure on the November ballot that could permit recreational use of the drug by adults. New Approach Oregon said the group had collected over 100,000 signatures – more than the 87,213 needed by July 3 – for […]

As expected, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a law on Monday allowing for the limited use of a special strain of marijuana called “Charlotte’s Web” to treat epileptic seizures and other diseases. State lawmakers passed the measure this spring with bipartisan support. “As a father and grandfather, you never want to see kids suffer,” Scott, a […]

An agreement between the state Senate and Assembly on whether to legalize medical marijuana in New York is due before midnight Monday in order to be voted on before the legislative session ends later this week. But Gov. Cuomo has outlined a series of concerns to lawmakers that must be addressed before he’ll even consider signing […]

For the cannabis connoisseurs who are ready to upgrade their food munchies to a level of high-quality foods, there’s a new gourmet menu brought to you by Magical Butter Studio, the first THC-restaurant to open in Seattle. The cannabis-based restaurant will offer gourmet menu items, along with a fine dining environment. However, it’s really sad for foodie-lovers who don’t […]

Under a bill signed this year by Gov. John Hickenlooper, the state health department will give out about $9 million in grants over the next five years to researchers for marijuana studies. The research is expected to include clinical trials on the kinds of marijuana products actually being used in Colorado, something that federally funded studies on marijuana have […]

One of Australia’s largest nursing unions has taken the significant and potentially controversial step of supporting the use and possession of medical cannabis. The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA), which has 59,000 members, said the drug could benefit patients suffering from chronic pain. Its 23-member executive committee has adopted a resolution backing recommendations from a […]

Jamaica’s government has approved legislation to ease a ban on the possession of small amounts of weed. Hailed as a more “enlightened approach,” the bill will also decriminalize the use of the drug for religious, medical and scientific ends. “Cabinet has approved certain changes to the law relating to ganja. These relate to the possession […]

“Green to Green” Making Money In The Cannabis Industry: June 22 & 23, 2014 Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 4455 Paradise Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89169 The International Cannabis Association (ICA) is having its first ever “Green to Green” networking event and educational conference. The ICA uses top industry veterans to teach people how to […]

Mathew Gerson is introducing a pleasure enhancement product that is as timeless as it is innovative —FORIA personal lubricant, specifically designed for women. Women who like marijuana, that is. FORIA will be available to anyone with a medical marijuana license in the state of California. The active compound in the oil is THC and other cannabinoids. The cannabis-based medical […]

Georgia, a 5-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is a medical marijuana patient, who, along with a growing number of pets, eats hemp-based capsules that contain only trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC ) the psychoactive ingredient that provides the cannabis high. Georgia suffered from syringomyelia, a serious neurological disease, and traditional medicine wasn’t working. So earlier […]

 The National Marijuana News (TNMNews), an unbiased talk-news radio show focused on the political, economic, medicinal, and social implications of the rapidly evolving medical and recreational marijuana industry, will premiere this Monday, June 9 2014. Developed by seasoned news producers and media industry professionals, the show will air on Live365 and Blog Talk Radio. There will be 3 shows per week. […]

A new Washington Department of Correction’s (DOC) policy will permit the state’s 14,000 parolees to consume marijuana like any other Washington citizen. The DOC stopped routine drug testing for THC this week. “There’s no way the department of corrections is endorsing the use of marijuana. We are simply aligning with state law…We [just] don’t want […]

The new dating website, is a network of marijuana users who are looking for romance but who don’t want to have the awkward “Do you smoke?” conversation. The site’s motto is “Plant your seed and watch your love grow.” “Some people might think it’s just a dating site for hippies or stoners,” says Jay Lindberg, the St. […]

Across Connecticut, growers are cultivating marijuana for medical use in buildings with the exacting standards of pharmaceutical factories. Employees reporting for work at some plants will be required to change into scrubs. Then, they will pass through a room that will emit blasts of air to remove contaminants brought in from the outside. Computers will […]

The SEC issued a strongly worded investor alert in mid May warning investors about the potential for fraud committed by publicly traded companies in the cannabis sector. The move comes on the heels of the suspension of two more companies for the year, making seven total publicly traded stocks in the vertical the SEC has suspended […]

Payton Curry of the popular Brat Haus in Scottsdale is taking his top chef skills and applying them to marijuana extract. Curry, who was trained at the Culinary Institute of America in New York,  has a medical marijuana card to treat his anxiety and depression and has been spending his off time teaching others like Anthony Hernandez, who is […]

Green Cures & Botanical Distribution, Inc. has announced that it will introduce its first CDB derived product to the public during the month of June 2014. Green Cures’ set of 30 CBD Capsules will initially contain 50 milligrams of Pure CBD-Hemp Oil per capsule. Green Cures’ CBD Capsules have a low THC content that falls within […]

The Jamaica government is being urged to enact legislation that would decriminalize marijuana as well as establish a medical marijuana industry. The Cannabis Commercial (CC) and Medicinal Research Task Force (MR Task Force) said Jamaica would significantly benefit from a regulates medical marijuana industry. The CC & MR Task Force, which organized a three-day meeting […]

Vimeo has funded its first original programming project with six new episodes of web series “High Maintenance,” a comedy about a pot dealer, set to launch later this year. “High Maintenance,” which debuted on Vimeo last year, follows an unnamed cannabis dealer (Sinclair) as he delivers product to clients with neuroses as diverse as the city they live in. The new […]

The ‘Weed Fairy’ — whose fliers contain the Twitter name Danksy Appleweed and who says her real name is Yeni Sleidi — is posting signs on Capitol Hill, with a nugget of pot taped to them. The woman behind the signs says she just wants to give people a gift in these tough times: “I […]

There is an emerging trend in the marijuana industry in Colorado. Whether it’s retail pot shops, manufacturing edible products infused with cannabis or working in testing labs, an influx of women are running these businesses. “I like to call them the marijuana mavens,” said Brooke Gehring, a former mortgage banker who now owns four pot […]

Signs posted around Denver International Airport warn passengers of stiff fines if they are caught with marijuana, but Denver police have not cited anyone for possession and have not confiscated any marijuana products since airport officials banned pot in January. Ten people have been stopped trying to take marijuana through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints, airport […]

Canada’s first medical marijuana clinical trial has been registered with Health Canada, a milestone that could be the first step toward legitimacy in the eyes of the medical community. The trial will measure the effects of marijuana on patients with osteoarthritis of the knee versus other patients who receive a placebo. For years, the Canadian […]

The United States Bureau of Reclamation delivers water to around 1.2 million acres of irrigated land west of the Mississippi, but certain customers in the states Washington and Colorado are now being told to find a new source. A spokesperson for the bureau said that that districts that rely on the government project for water […]

It hasn’t been easy to get on the list, which requires, among other things, that a nursery has operated continuously for at least 30 years; but, so far, 39 nurseries have been approved to grow low-THC marijuana under the Charlotte’s Web bill recently passed by the Florida Legislature. One of the most interesting companies in the […]

US News reports on the new marijuana reforms in Oklahoma and how they could reap a huge economic return for the state. Two initiatives are set to take to the ballot in November of this year. One would allow medical marijuana to be a taxable source of income for the state as well as a […]

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is considering moving beyond its position of refusing to consider hiring employees who used marijuana in the past, a reflection that comes amid growing legalization and a the agency’s need to hire young people. FBI Director James B. Comey was speaking at the White Collar Crime Institute, a conference held […]