The first Kaya Shack opened on Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. in Portland, Oregon and commenced sale of marijuana to licensed medical marijuana cardholders in the city.

This is the first Kaya Shack marijuana dispensary of a planned national chain. 

The Company has targeted adding an additional 4-6 Kaya Shacks in Oregon and has plans to place Kaya Shacks in other states once pending legislation passes (including its home state of Florida where a referendum on medical marijuana will be on the ballot in November).

“We are very excited to be opening the first Kaya Shack,” states CEO Craig Frank. “We believe our brand is unique and inviting, and our staff is well trained to provide a friendly and knowledgeable consumer experience. Our wide selection, sharp appearance, friendly service and highest quality standards will make our MMFs the first choice for medical marijuana patients in Portland, Oregon, and will lay the foundation for a nationally recognized brand.” 

“‘Kaya,’ immortalized by Bob Marley and the Wailers, describes someone who is both amazingly beautiful and wonderfully talented, and also refers to the feeling experienced while making the connection with your inner self,” states CEO Craig Frank. “Kaya Shack” communicates the warm and personable service and home-like informal environment we will be instilling in our facilities. Kaya Shack™ will be the premier place for medical marijuana consumers to shop.”.


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