For the cannabis connoisseurs who are ready to upgrade their food munchies to a level of high-quality foods, there’s a new gourmet menu brought to you by Magical Butter Studio, the first THC-restaurant to open in Seattle. The cannabis-based restaurant will offer gourmet menu items, along with a fine dining environment.

However, it’s really sad for foodie-lovers who don’t have a medical marijuana card, because not just anyone is allowed to enjoy amazing menu items like; truffle popcorn, or choosing between a smoke or roasted pork sandwich piled with pickled cabbage, due to Washington’s current state laws. Cooper did say “for now” the foods are only allowed for consumption by medical marijuana card holders.

With the Magical Butter Studio’s motto, “Eat To Treat,” and its new THC-infused sandwich restaurant; it appears this company is well on it’s way to making history. Let’s us hope that Washington legislators will also listen to their constituents and in the next session amend the laws to help the marijuana industry, and cannabis users, both medical and recreational. Maybe Washington legislators need some TLC with THC-infused gourmet meals to help them loosen up on the laws.

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