Seed Vault of California is a domestic cannabis seed bank that is providing the genetics for home growers to save money and harvest premium cannabis. Under Prop 64, all adults 21 and older in California are allowed to grow six cannabis plants, and Seed Vault of California encourages Californians to take advantage of that freedom. […]

Company scores perfect 5.0 on Google for custom cannabis labels Denver-based Lightning Labels has sold cannabis companies state-of-the-art affordable, full-color custom labels and custom stickers of all shapes and sizes for more than a decade. A pioneer when medical marijuana became legal in Colorado, Lightning Labels consistently has met the needs of this rapidly-evolving industry—fast […]

Love’s Oven ( products are produced with the highest quality all-natural ingredients that are sourced locally (Colorado beet sugar) and organically (organic coconut oil) whenever possible. Their proprietary THC & CBD extraction methods ensure that you receive a consistent and effective dose of cannabutter/cannaoil Love in every bite. Love’s Oven was born in 2009 with […]

As marijuana legalization continues across the country, weed is becoming increasingly mainstream. However, as much as the stoner stereotype has evolved into a broader label that also encompasses CEOs, educated millennials, and the Spicolis of the world, it still has a negative connotation. Industry leaders have quickly learned that destigmatizing marijuana use begins with educating […]

Greengo Mission Our mission is to provide pure, natural products for the pure, natural smoker by focusing on providing 100% natural rolling papers to the eco-friendly consumer and introducing adaptations of biodegradable hemp plastic packaging into the cannabis industry. Greengo is the proud winner of The European Product Awards and Europe’s Number One rolling paper! Created […]

If you look at the shelves of your favorite dispensary these days, you may notice that something stands out at you…or you may notice that nothing in particular stands out. Therein lies the issue. In an industry that’s rapidly changing all the time, with new brands popping up daily, it’s surprising how little the on-shelf […]

Almost every week, we have a conversation with someone who wants to get into the cannabis industry. They’ve done some research and decided to use CO2 extraction to get oil from cannabis. The conversation usually follows these lines: “Hi, I want to buy the biggest system you have. I’ve got a 300-acre farm and I’m […]

Company Background Trove Cannabis is among the fastest growing recreational marijuana stores in Washington state. Located in Bellingham, it offers the area’s best selection of high-quality marijuana flower, infused edibles, concentrates, and topical cannabis products. Trove also has a knowledgeable sales staff. Known for its exceptional customer service and product quality, Trove is so well […]

Odon Inc. announced the release of the illumiSAFE and the illumiSAFE mini (the “mini”), the world’s most technologically advanced personal safes. The illumiSAFE and mini are smart lamps that conceal a fully secure and configurable inner compartment. Activated by either a smart phone or an RFID key, the inner compartment of the illumiSAFE raises upward […]

Challenge – Year-round growing environment Solution – Five 30’ W by 96’ L GrowSpan Series 500 Greenhouses Application – Cannabis production Rebel Spirit Cannabis Company is a Tier II recreational cannabis producer in Oregon, co-owned by Christopher Bechler and Diane Downey. Rebel Spirit came to life through years of hard work and determination, and they […]

The future of medical marijuana might be at your fingertips. PotBot, a mobile app developed by the company Potbotics, helps users find out the best weed for their body, and recommend the right strain of marijuana for your particular medical condition. While the advice of your pot dealer or local budtender (if you live in […]

Women who suffer from painful menstrual cramps sympathize with the debilitating discomfort that arrives monthly like clockwork. Motrin, Midol and Advil can take a back seat, however, because there’s apparently a new remedy for cramps: Cannabis tampons. The company Foria, makers of marijuana-infused personal lubricant, created “relief suppositories” made out of cannabis. According to Foria’s […]

Flights ReadyPacks, the world’s first single-serving, top-shelf, pre-ground cannabis packs, are now available to cannabis patients throughout California through a partnership with Jack’s Collective, an overnight delivery service based in San Diego. The vacuum-sealed ReadyPacks are made from meticulously curated and lab-tested Norcal indoor from a network of award-winning growers. Each packet contains .35 grams […]

Ditch the drugstore: create your own medicine! A kitchen appliance is making it safe and easy to extract essential oils at home from virtually any plant-based material. The Source is a small kitchen appliance that’s safe and easy for anyone to use. The process is simple: 1. The essential oil enthusiast chooses their botanical, which […]

Longmont, Colo. — July 8, 2015 — Just in time for summer, WaterPulse, Inc. announced today it is working with Walmart to reduce the amount of water used in approximately 3,700 garden centers located inside its stores across the U.S. Through the use of WaterPulse™ irrigation mats, Walmart will not only increase the health of […]

Builders are using cannabis “not in joints but between joists.” The jokes about homes “going up in smoke” are inevitable. But the truth is that one of the reasons the cannabis-based building material called hempcrete is gaining acceptance in home construction is that it’s entirely fireproof. Click here to read the entire article >>

PORTLAND, ORE. (PRWEB) AUGUST 10, 2015 – Cascade Botanical today announced the release of its newest TVO-2 and TVO-5 vacuum ovens, which have been designed specifically to meet the needs of professional cannabis extractors. The company also announced the availability of the new CB 2052 by Welch, an oil-free membrane vacuum pump that offers the […]

Denver, CO April 19, 2015: On the eve of 4/20, the celebrated marijuana holiday Cannabis Patient Network Institute, Co-Founder Regina Nelson made a big announcement. Now, CEO of The eCS Therapy Center an approved 501(c)(3) organization, Nelson states, “The eCS Therapy Center is an organization focused on cannabis education for the masses and providing cannabis […]

A Purpose Built Travel Kit Designed For The Modern Cannabis Consumer DENVER, Colorado, March 17, 2015 — Black Rock Originals introduced its first collection of travel-inspired accessories centered around the Safety Case. The patent pending, pocket-sized case is durable, water resistant, and smell-proof. Thanks to a refined look and performance inspired exterior, the Safety Case […]

Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTCQB: CBIS), a U.S. Company specializing in cannabis formulation-based drug development and related consulting, today announced several updates and significant progress on product commercialization and key developments domestically and internationally from the Americas to Africa to Hong Kong, a key door to Asia. Highlights “Overall, the medical cannabis industry is booming and […]

Industry leader says that testing should be and can now be done on a consistent basis. Boulder, CO January 14, 2015 – Sage Analytics (, the developers of a new generation of equipment for the testing of marijuana potency and moisture content, responded today to the recent report on CBS News claiming that edible marijuana […]

American singer Melissa Etheridge, a long-time proponent of cannabis reform, has announced the launch of a range of products made from cannabis, including a cannabis laced wine, aimed at people suffering from cancer. Having survived breast cancer herself, she credits her own cannabis use to her recovery. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Etheridge talked about […]

Solid Apollo LED introduces 3 new LED Grow Lights, bringing the growing benefits of sunlight for year round plant growth indoors. The LED Grow Lights have been specifically engineered to match the required sunlight plants require, and are perfect for bringing light to areas as small as a shelf to as large as a greenhouse for a […]

Ecologist James P. McMahon’s company, Elevate 420, specializes in providing water purification systems to home, retail and wholesale marijuana growers. Each are designed with the science of marijuana growing in mind. McMahon designed the Bud Booster™ water filter specifically for home and retail marijuana growers. McMahon’s Bud Booster water filters “eliminate toxins like fluoride, chlorine, and […]

Seattle-based Db3 Inc. first edibles company to be granted both cannabis producer and processor licenses from Washington State: With its dedication to quality, consistency and education, Db3 leads state into new era of legalized cannabis with Zoots brand Nearly two years in the making – after state voters approved Washington Initiative 502 – Seattle-based company, Db3 […]

A selective review committee at United Patients Group, a trusted online resource for medicinal cannabis information, is recommending the new Herbalizer Vaporizer to patients looking for the  perfect vaporizing system. The sleek clamshell design, adjustable heat settings, aromatherapy mode, and discreet stash spot make “Herbie” the perfect companion for cannabis patients of all experience levels—earning it […]

Human beings have been applying substances to their skin as medical agents for centuries, however, belief in the skin as a safer drug delivery route is harvesting fresh attention, particularly in the medical cannabis industry where the market desires consumption alternatives. Mary’s Medicinals is a nutraceutical (nutrition meets pharmaceuticals) company, that has prepared for this unique […]

Dutch company E-NjointBV has developed a  disposable electronic joint. Currently 10,000 e-joints per day are produced, which are sold all over Europe at regular cigarette stores and retail shops, and consumed at trendy dance parties, music events, bars, clubs and so on. Only the second and third editions of the E-NJoint can be smoked as real electric joints that users fill with […]

Alternaturals, Inc. has chosen Kush Creams, a Washington based, medical marijuana grower and distributor with award winning strains and products, to manufacture and distribute its long awaited medical marijuana product, 5 Hour High.  The shot style drink, similar to the energy drinks that line the shelves of convenience stores all across America, 5 Hour High has one obvious difference: […]

Mathew Gerson is introducing a pleasure enhancement product that is as timeless as it is innovative —FORIA personal lubricant, specifically designed for women. Women who like marijuana, that is. FORIA will be available to anyone with a medical marijuana license in the state of California. The active compound in the oil is THC and other cannabinoids. The cannabis-based medical […]

The Chronic Box is a exclusive monthly marijuana subscription club that contains exotic and private reserve marijuana for the marijuana enthusiast. Members simply sign up, pick up their box once a month at a local dispensary, and enjoy exotic and rare strains. Each box contains at least 3.5 grams of private reserve marijuana and one […]

The legalization of marijuana in Washington will bring with it a variety of new products and ways to get high. One aspiring marijuana mogul is giving new meaning to the term “coffee pot.” Adam Stites of Longview, Washington has created a line of cold-brewed coffee-infused drinks he cleverly calls “Legal” beverages. “The coffee drinks give you […]

After witnessing people enter marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, all of whom praised the benefits of medicinal marijuana, James Kennedy embarked on his own product development and experimentation before launching his own company. The result, Apothecanna, stands as the first skincare company in the United States to be licensed to use cannabis flower extracts in their […]