The Rasta Poke A Bowl® Home Dome™ Is The Only Portable Odor Proof Ashtray With A Dome Lid Designed For Removing Ash & Resin From Bowls, Pipes & Herbal Vaporizers.

Why The Lid?
The Poke A Bowl® is designed with a lid for several reasons; the lid covers the cleaning spike when not in use, contains odor from spent ash & resin, and prevents even the slightest breeze from blowing ash on to your table.

Why The Cleaning Spike?
The cleaning spike was chosen for its durability and size. It will pierce through the hole of most bowls, pipes & vaporizers ensuring you a better, smoother smoke every time.

How Do I Clean My Ash Hole? (Watch Doug Benson explain the process.)
Take a bowl or pipe that is clogged with ash or resin and turn it upside down over the cleaning spike then lower the bowl or pipe down onto the cleaning spike. Move the bowl or pipe up and down on the cleaning spike ensuring that the cleaning spike pierces the existing hole in the bowl or pipe. Continue that process until the ash and resin is cleared from the hole in the bowl or pipe.


  • “Ooo Nice! It’s soft and squishy. Much Love!” – Wiz Khalifa
  • “H2′s new favorite product in the smokers industry…how convenient!!! No more paper clips for us… Just poke it! Pack it! Light it up. And poke it again! Awesome products! Every smoker needs a friend like Poke A Bowl! High five guys!” – H2 Hollywood Holistics
  • “I love how with the poke a bowl you can actually get down into the stem of the slide. I’m lazy and my slides have a tendency to get clogged.” – @sbizzle420_

Find out more…

Website: www.pokeabowl.compoke-a-bowl-label-WHITE

YouTube: PokeABowl/videos




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