The U.S. federal government is willing to let researchers have access to cannabis under a few conditions and has increased the quantity of marijuana it’s growing this year, from 46.3 pounds to 1,433 pounds. The marijuana is grown at the University of Mississippi, which has the federal contract to do so for research purposes, said DEA spokesman Rusty […]

The United States Bureau of Reclamation delivers water to around 1.2 million acres of irrigated land west of the Mississippi, but certain customers in the states Washington and Colorado are now being told to find a new source. A spokesperson for the bureau said that that districts that rely on the government project for water […]

The IRS says it is following the law by not allowing the 2,500 medical marijuana dispensaries in the country, who pay taxes to local, state and federal governments, the same federal tax breaks that other small businesses can claim. Although 20 states and D.C. have legalized medical marijuana, the IRS still applies federal tax code […]