Berkeley City Council members have passed a resolution declaring the city a sanctuary for recreational marijuana. The move may be the first of its kind in the country, tweeted Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, who proposed the measure. Under the new resolution, which passed Tuesday night, no Berkeley department, agency, commission, officer or employee “shall use […]

Berkeley city council has unanimously approved a new law mandating medical marijuana dispensaries to put aside a portion of their pot to be offered free of charge to low-income patients. The new measure is due to take effect in August 2015. The California college town is home to a handful of medical marijuana dispensaries, each […]

The Berkeley City Council approved an ordinance that will require medical marijuana dispensaries to give away free cannabis to very low-income patients. According to the ordinance: the amount of free cannabis must equal 2 percent of a dispensary‚Äôs gross weight sold and will be re-evaluated every 6 months. The quality of the free cannabis is […]