Growing cannabis can sometimes seem a little bit intimidating. That’s especially true if you get bogged down in the massive amount of information and technical jargon that’s available online and in books. But, fortunately, it’s not that complicated. You just need to focus on mastering the basics. The first thing you should do is start […]

In an effort to provide Oregon cannabis growers their best chance at success in the new recreationally legal marijuana market, the CannaGrow Expo will host its next show in Portland on August 28 – 29 at the Red Lion Jantzen Beach Hotel. With the recent July 1st change in cannabis laws allowing individuals to grow […]

The CannaGrow Expo will feature up to a 45 company expo hall, as well as 10 grow-focused educational sessions lead by industry experts over two exciting days. Who Should Attend? Existing growers, dispensary owners & grow managers, and those just interested in learning about growing cannabis are encouraged to attend. If you’re involved or getting […]