The fires in northern California are turning into a catastrophe for local cannabis growers. Some farmers have seen their crops incinerated, while others have watched helplessly as ash and smoke contaminate sensitive marijuana flowers. The fires in Mendocino are south of the famed Humboldt County grows, but it’s still a part of what is known as the Emerald Triangle.

Amanda Reiman, Vice President of Community Relations at Flow Kana, a cannabis distribution company that works with small farmers in the Emerald Triangle, said she knew of farmers who had lost their farms in Redwood Valley. She pointed out that many of these farmers couldn’t get insurance because their crops are federally illegal. “Many farmers had invested a lot of money to bring their farms up to code to meet the state’s new requirements and now it’s all gone.” She is referring to the state’s decision to regulate the cannabis industry as it legalizes adult use cannabis consumption.

Kristin Nevedal, chair of the International Cannabis Farmers Association, noted that some farmers are also facing possible contamination of water sources.

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