Marijuana Infographics recently posted an image describing the surge of cannabis events in the United States.


According to the graphic above, “marijuana conferences have exploded from 1 in 2013 to over 30 planned in 2016.”

With so many canna events to choose from, we wanted to examine one cannabis conference that is worth our time and money.

Let’s talk DispensaryNext Conference & Expo. Here are three reasons this one made it on our canna event calendar.



DispensaryNext is a focused event. Rather than offer a smattering of vendors, presentations, and attendees from all walks of the canna realm, this event uses two days to specifically hone in on the dispensary industry and cannabis marketing.

Because Cannabisdaze recently had the opportunity to shadow dispensary operations for a few months, we are fascinated by a purely dispensary-focused event. We are excited to see where this particular niche of the industry is going, and we want to know how to stay competitive and relevant. Plus, with a marijuana-related blog, we can use all the cannabis-specific marketing help we can get.

DispensaryNext will feature 17 educational sessions that are focused on dispensary operations and marketing strategies. Session leaders are experts and leading minds in the cannabis industry that present information in order to educate, not pitch their product.

Attendees can anticipate leaving the sessions with a notebook full of usable knowledge to help take their dispensary operations and marketing strategies to the next level.

Example session topics include taxation and accounting, building SOP’s, using data to drive profitability, and high-impact social media marketing.

Click HERE to view the entire agenda.

When we’re ready to put down our pens and network in between sessions, the expo hall will also allow us to connect with quality business partners that are focused on dispensaries and cannabis marketing. From container to compliance solutions, these exhibitors are dedicated to making dispensary and marketing life a little smoother.

Click HERE to view the list of exhibitors and sponsors.

Also, because DispensaryNext is designed for new and established dispensary owners and managers, as well as cannabis industry marketing professionals, this ensures we’re connecting and networking with a focused group of individuals.

So rather than choose an event that grazes the surface of all things canna, we’re adding DispensaryNext to our schedule because it is an educational event focused on dispensary operations and marketing strategies.


Why can’t food be a reason to attend an event? If you’ve viewed the DispensaryNext menu, you can understand exactly what we mean. Take a look below.


With dishes like whole cedar planked salmon, kale salad (a personal favorite), and yukon potatoes, our munchies will be more than adequately curbed as we connect with fellow cannabis community members. And that’s just talking about Day 1’s menu.

In addition to two days of catered lunches and various refreshments, DispensaryNext serves up a complimentary Happy Hour on Day 1.

And did we see Emergency Chocolate Break on the agenda? (Click HERE to view the detailed agenda.)


We can only imagine that business transactions can be made better with some Merlot and Godiva.

So, rather than select an uncatered event where we’re emptying our wallet for subpar food and drink, we’ll choose DispensaryNext and experience some palate pampering while we’re hard at work.


Along with a focused event track and top-notch food and beverage, DispensaryNext serves up a unique and desirable environment.

Unlike many of our canna event choices that are held at expo centers or outdoor arenas that are not connected to a hotel, DispensaryNext is being held at the Red Lion Jantzen Beach Hotel in Portland, OR.

Lucky for us, this venue is no stranger to exciting canna events.

For example, the Red Lion hosted the first DispensaryNext Conference & Expo in June, as well as the CannaGrow Expo in August. When we attended these events, we noticed that the Red Lion’s expansive property and various amenities helped create an ideal event environment.

For example, a free airport shuttle is available. In addition, hotel rooms are large and comfortable, with each boasting its own private balcony.

In the warmer months, you can order lasagna and Stella poolside. Year round, you can enjoy hearty breakfasts or Kobe burgers overlooking the Columbia River at the Red Lion Jantzen Beach Bar & Grill.

Beyond these conveniences, having the opportunity to stay at the same hotel as an event allows for networking opportunities outside of the conferences and some fun get-togethers after the show.


At past canna events held at this venue, we found that many of the hotel guests were speakers or vendors, which created some long-lasting friendships and industry connections outside the expo walls.

Due to the comfort and convenience of this event’s overall environment, we’re selecting DispensaryNext as the next canna event on our calendar.

With cannabis conferences saturating the market, it can be difficult to determine what events are worth our time and money.

We’re adding DispensaryNext to our calendar because it is an educational, focused event that is serving up delicious food and refreshments in the perfect environment.

Can you say that about the next canna event you’re attending?

If you would like to join us for DispensaryNext Conference & Expo, click HERE for registration information.

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