Washington’s well-publicized “10 percent concentrates bill” has been stopped in committee for the 2020 session. HB 2546, “Concerning the Potency of Marijuana Products,” would have limited cannabis concentrates in the state at just 10 percent potency for THC. See the original article at Ganjapreneur

Following heavy push back from the cannabis industry, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) will reverse a planned policy change that would have banned cannabis-infused gummies and hard candies. Instead of an outright ban — which was first announced in October — the LCB will instead pass new regulations restricting such products’ colors and shapes. See the original […]

The Seattle “lifestyle boutique”, Trichome, is hosting its own version of wake-and-bake with a series of free Sunday morning tastings of “Cannabis & Coffee.” The first one is this Sunday, September 28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The “Elevated Coffee” is “an elegant blend” of pour-over coffee and cannabis-infused coconut oil.  The tastings are […]

Less than two months after recreational cannabis becomes legal in Washington, a cannabis-infused fizzy drink is now on sale in the Evergreen State. The drinks, called Legal, come in cherry, lemon and pomegranate flavors and are all infused with 10mg of liquid cannabis. They are being marketed as a gentler alternative to smoking that could be […]

It’s been one month since legal marijuana sales began in Washington State, making it only the second state where it is legal to buy pot without a doctor’s note, but last week  Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham became the first dispensary to the state that had edibles for sale. However, most of Washington State is still wondering where their […]

The Washington State Liquor Control Board approved rules for marijuana-infused food products, also known as edibles, designed to restrict items that could easily be mistaken for candies commonly sold to children. Marijuana stores in the state won’t be allowed to sell lollipops, gummy bears or other candies infused with the drug, but will be able to sell […]

After 20 months in the making, legal marijuana sales begin today in Washington, making it only the second state where it is legal to buy pot without a doctor’s note. Lines started forming quickly in front of the few stores that got last-minute approval to sell. At Cannabis City, where the owner isn’t planning to open […]

Washington state’s new recreational marijuana shops will open next week for the first time to legally sell marijuana to adults. But there’s a problem: They’re low on weed. “Supply is going to be tight as this market launches,” said Brian Smith, communications director for the state Liquor Control Board –the agency charged with regulating the […]

The Washington State Liquor Control Board is planning to issue the 1st licenses on Monday, 7 July, and the stores that are ready can open the next day, July 8. More stores will get licensed later that week. Edibles and other infused products, however, won’t be available right away because a commercial kitchen is required, and, […]