Statistics Canada has released their latest report on the state of cannabis prices in Canada, and things aren’t looking too hot for the legal market. Using data crowdsourced between April 1 and June 30, StatsCan found that the average price of a gram of legal pot rose from C$10.21 in the previous quarter to C$10.65 […]

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Today, one particularly interesting economic experiment is playing out in Illinois. The state is going to tax cannabis products based upon their THC percentage, not upon their weight, as most states with adult-use cannabis do today. Cannabis products with less than 35% THC will face a 10% excise tax. Cannabis products with more than 35% […]

A Portland, Ore., suburb is considering putting a sales tax on recreational marijuana while it’s still illegal in hopes of getting a cut of the revenue if voters pass a measure allowing its recreational use in November. The city of Ashaland, Oregon has already approved a sales tax on marijuana, and the Hillsboro city council will vote next […]

Washington reported Friday that stores within the state sold a little less than $3.8 million worth of cannabis during the first month retail sales of marijuana were legal there and that it expects to bring in more than $1 million in taxes. That is significantly less than Colorado who brought in over $2 million in […]

The state of Colorado brings in $3.5 million in cannabis-related tax revenue during the month of January. If this keeps up, the first state to legalize recreational marijuana could see $40 million by the end of the year. Read Full Story On