MLB officials have announced that, while players are allowed to use cannabis in their personal lives, they are not allowed to partner with or accept sponsorships from cannabis companies. MLB said it plans to address the issue in the future but, “until such guidance is issued, any such investments or commercial arrangements are still considered to […]

As part of a new drug agreement, MLB will remove marijuana from the league’s list of banned substances for minor-league players. Under the current drug agreement non-40-man roster minor leaguers are suspended 25 games for their first positive test for a “drug of abuse.” See the original article on CBS Sports

A vote has been made on the NFL’s new policies for both substances of abuse and performance enhancing drugs. Not one team voted against the new terms.  Under the new rules, the threshold for a positive test for marijuana will increase to 35 ng/ml from the previous limit of 15 ng/ml. There will be additional steps […]

Event founder Jim McAlpine hopes to help shake the “stoner” stigma by putting together the first annual 420 Games — a series of athletic events meant to promote healthy marijuana use in an active adult lifestyle. “We are launching the 420 Games with the knowledge that legalization of recreational marijuana use is eminent. It’s here,” says McAlpine. […]

In an attempt to “deter performance-enhancing drug use and to protect the health and safety of the student-athlete”, The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Legislative Council proposed a penalty reduction for players who test positive for marijuana. Currently, the minimum penalty for a positive test for any NCAA banned drug is the loss of one year of eligibility […]