California’s Assembly has approved a measure to allow school boards to decide whether or not to allow medical cannabis use on K-12 campuses. The measure only permits non-smokable forms of cannabis. Under the current state’s laws, students cannot bring medical cannabis within 1,000 feet of campus and parents must come to the school, pick up their child […]

The Northeastern Institute of Cannabis, located in Natick, Massachusetts, announced that it will soon start accepting applications and begin offering classes in late August or early September. Founded by long-time pot activist Mickey Martin, the 12-course program will teach students about the medical uses of marijuana, growing techniques, the logistics of operating a dispensary, as […]

While most schools are getting ready for summer break, the Institute of Medical Cannabis (IMC) is preparing to open its doors as Palm Beach County’s first medical marijuana school. At IMC, students will learn about medical cannabis industry while attending lectures and receiving practical training in fully operational grow rooms.  The school will offer four courses, with a […]

Donavan Carr  is the founder of Jacksonville’s newest school, Cannabis University of Florida, which offers two classes that teach all about the business of medical marijuana and how to grow it. Carr says he established the school after hearing multiple stories of patients who benefited from the drug. “People don’t know that much about medical marijuana, […]