Recreational weed won’t be on sale in Washington for months, but you can already order up high-quality buds and have them delivered to your door in some parts of the state.   Read Full Story On

Florida state legislators introduced identical bills on Monday to legalize medical marijuana treatment in the 2014 legislative session, in a bid to win approval before a constitutional amendment on the issue comes up for a public vote in November. Senators Jeff Clemens and Joe Saunders, both Democrats, brought numerous patients and their family members to […]

Governor Markell also gave an update on the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries saying a lot of work is being done to have those open sometime this year. Read Full Story On

State officials announced the sites of four medical marijuana-growing facilities in Connecticut which will serve patients who cannot find relief from other treatments. Read Full Story On

Medicinal marijuana may be coming to Arkansas as soon as 2015 if the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act gains more than 50 percent of the votes on the next ballot.   Read Full Story On

Two Arizona lawmakers toured a sprawling medical marijuana cultivation facility Thursday to see first-hand how the state’s regulated medical marijuana industry has come into bloom.   Read Full Story On

Here is a collection of news articles, research literature, and peer reviewed medical studies discussing cannabis as a medicine for treating animals. Read Full Story On

Security software specifically developed for the marijuana industry is not just about preventing fraud—it also aims to improve patient experience by tracking strains that work best for them. Read Full Story On

Tina DeSilvio is so determined to give her teenage daughter marijuana, she is mixing cannabis buds with 180-proof alcohol and letting the concoction evaporate into a sticky, olive-green substance to add to coconut oil.   Read Full Story on

Parents are flocking to Colorado to find “Charlotte’s Web,” a strain of marijuana named for 5-year-old Charlotte Figi, thought to treat debilitating seizure disorders. Read Full Story On  

As more states begin to legalize medical marijuana for humans, veterinarians and pet owners are calling for more research into the use and safety of the drug in pets.   Read Full Story on

Patients are expected to take advantage of medical marijuana being legalized in Massachusetts, where the first dispensaries are to open this summer and provisional licensees are all expected to make home deliveries.   Read Full Story on

Supporters of Carly’s Law, the proposed Alabama law that would legalize a marijuana-derived medicine that could help control seizures and other health issues, are holding a rally in Pelham on March 1.   Read Full Story On