It hasn’t been easy to get on the list, which requires, among other things, that a nursery has operated continuously for at least 30 years; but, so far, 39 nurseries have been approved to grow low-THC marijuana under the Charlotte’s Web bill recently passed by the Florida Legislature. One of the most interesting companies in the […]

During an interview this week, Larry King asked Dr. Oz if he’d changed his views on marijuana: “I have,” Oz responded, “I grew up like most of my generation believing that marijuana was something Satan was throwing at Americans, a communist plot. But I think most of us have come around to the believe that […]

In response to Canada’s new medical marijuana rules that eliminates home growing by patients and requires that medical cannabis be purchased by licensed providers,  CanvasRx has launched what it is calling “the first comprehensive database for medical marijuana today”.  With no cost to patients or doctors, the new database matches marijuana strains to symptoms, and connects […]

Efforts to legalize marijuana in the District of Columbia received a boost today with the Drug Policy Alliance hiring Dr. Malik Burnett as a full time organizer for the district. Burnett is a graduate of Duke University who believes “our Nation’s drug policies are out of step with the current scientific understanding of drugs, which […]

When Cannabis-Rx bought a 209,000 square foot plant in Florida last month, the real estate investor said it was destined to become one of America’s largest pot “cultivation parks”. And although law makers have said next to nothing about how medical marijuana in the Sunshine State would move from seed to sale, more investors are eager […]

The Nevada Supreme Court  has amended the state rules of professional conduct for lawyers to allow them to counsel clients on the state’s medical marijuana laws. State lawyers have been waiting for the word since the Nevada Bar Association filed a request with the state’s Supreme Court asking for protection for lawyers last month.  The new […]

For the first time, Quinnipiac, found that the majority of Florida voters think marijuana should be legal. Among registered voters in Florida, 53 percent support making it legal for adults to possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use while, 42 percent oppose legalization. This represents a dramatic increase in support in less than a year. When Quinnipiac […]

Washington and Colorado have both legalized recreational marijuana use, but it’s still unclear whether employees’ jobs are protected in those states if they smoke off duty — either for recreation or medical use. In Colorado, for instance, the marijuana law allows employers to impose any drug policies they see fit. There are a lot of unanswered questions, […]

 A medical marijuana compromise bill now heads to the Minnesota House of Representatives after being approved by the senate 48-18. The measure would allow people with specific debilitating medical conditions to access medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it. “We applaud the Senate for standing up for patients,” said Heather Azzi, political director for Minnesotans […]

The number of people who can obtain medical marijuana in Vermont could increase under a bill that has passed the legislature and is now on its way to the governor for his signature.  Under Vermont’s current medical marijuana law, no more than 1,000 people can be registered to receive medical marijuana. Senator Jeannette White says […]

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett said  he would support a “medically responsible proposal” for a treatment program using oil derived from the cannabis plant for controlling epileptic seizures. This is a complete reversal of his position on the use of medical marijuana—at least as it applies to children with seizure disorders. In a statement, the governor said he […]

The Missouri legislature has sent Gov. Jay Nixon a bill legalizing controlled use of CBD oil made from hemp plants for people who suffer uncontrollable seizures caused by Tuberous Sclerosis (TSC).   Epilepsy is the most common TSC disorder. The state sponsor of the bill is Sen. Eric Schmitt, who made an emotional plea this week […]

The government run Sheba Medical Center is the largest hospital in Israel and is very unique—patients, young and old, consume cannabis oil and cannabis pills on-site. Yaniv Eshed’s 9-year-old son, Aviel, is currently being treated there for bone marrow cancer. Eshed, who is now a big believer in the medical benefits of marijuana for children, told CNBC that he […]

As RayAnn Moseley, a child who suffers from intractable epilepsy, and her parents watched and waited, the Florida Senate passed a bill 36-3 to allow a limited strain of medical cannabis to be legalized in Florida. The chamber immediately sent the so-called “Charlotte’s Web” bill to the House, where its fate remains uncertain as leaders there […]

Supporters of medical marijuana believe that the new version of legislature could be approved this spring. If the predictions are accurate, New York could be the 22nd state to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. “We’re closer to this than we have ever been before,” said Gabriel Sayegh of Drug Policy Alliance. Advocates recently revised the […]

The New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program’s Medical Advisory Board voted to add Alzheimer’s Disease to the list  of medical conditions eligible for the Medical Cannabis Program. The Secretary of Health will have the final decision. If approved by the Department of Health, New Mexico would join 13 other states where patients can access medical cannabis […]

According to a new study at Rhode Island Hospital which compared 20 years worth of data from states with and without medical marijuana laws, legalizing the drug did not lead to increased use among adolescents. Parents and physicians concerned about an increase in adolescents’ marijuana use following the legalization of medical marijuana can breathe a […]

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana filed a petition on Wednesday to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Nevada. The group needs to get 101,667 signatures by Nov. 11 to move the process forward. The first stop could be the 2015 Nevada Legislature. Because of tax components the petition would need only two-thirds of the […]

Meet the Experts Business Seminar: May 17, 8 A.M. – 8 P.M. Emerald Hills Country Club 4100 North Hills Drive Hollywood, FL 33021 Investors and Entrepreneurs Line up for Florida Marijuana—Conference Moving To Larger Venue Interest in Florida medical marijuana is so high, that last month’s Meet the Experts conference in West Palm Beach was […]


A survey of 1,339 people with fibromyalgia conducted by The National Pain Foundation and, revealed that those who have used marijuana to treat their symptoms find it significantly more effective than any of the three drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat the disorder. The three drugs approved for the treatment […]

Medical Cannabis Listening Session: May 1, 2014, 6 P.M – 8 P.M. Southeastern Adams Volunteer Emergency Services Building 5865 Hanover Road Hanover, PA, 17331 Senator Richard Alloway II, Representative Dan Mouland, and Representative Will Tallman will host an educational forum on Thursday, May 1, in Hanover, PA regarding the potential use of cannabis for medicinal […]

The Arkansans for Compassionate Care group has been traveling the state to get signatures for their petition to get the Medicinal Cannabis Act on the November 4 ballot. The non-profit needs 62,507 signatures for the initiative to get on the ballot. In 2012 the initiative failed to pass by less than two percent of the popular […]

No stranger to failing marijuana tests, Milwaukee Bucks center, Larry Sanders, defended his cannabis use in response to the NBA issuing him a five-game drug suspension for using the herb for medical reasons. Sanders said,”It’s something I feel strongly about…I believe in marijuana and the medical side of it…I study it and I know the […]