Running a medical marijuana operation in Maryland could cost each grower more than $125,000 a year in fees, a sum so steep some officials believe it may shut out small businesses. Maryland’s medical marijuana commission is tentatively proposing that fee for each of the 15 potential growers envisioned for the state’s new program. The panel […]

Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Commission plans to release a second draft of regulations to create the state’s medical marijuana program. Eighty-one pages of rules have been reshaped after the first draft came under fire at a public hearing last month.  A few of the changes include:  removal of a provision that would have outlawed a grower or […]

Maryland takes a big step forward in marijuana reform and ends criminal penalties for cannabis users caught with less than a quarter-ounce. This weekend the House voted 78-55 to decriminalize possession of 10 grams or less. The Senate gave final approval to the legislation Monday afternoon and Maryland Gov. Mike O’Malley announced that he would sign the […]

Marijuana decriminalization bills advanced this week in both Maryland and New Hampshire. If approved, both states will  reduce the penalty for possession of small amounts of cannabis to a civil offense. Read Full Story On