“Carly’s Law”, the bill in Alabama originated to help control violent seizures suffered by a toddler with a severe neurological disorder, unanimously passed both the Alabama House and Senate last week. Governor Robert Bentley said he will sign it into law. The bill makes it legal to possess a prescribed medical grade, non-intoxicating cannabidiol extract and  includes $1 million […]

Last month the Jamaican government said it was planning to decriminalize possession of specific amounts of marijuana, now it seems the marijuana growers are the ones who are divided on the issue. Some people who are growing the crop illegally say they do not want a change in the law because “they fear the licences to […]

The recent cannabis job fair that took place in Denver offered a glimpse at the potential long-term benefits of marijuana legalization: more jobs, more tax payers, and fewer arrests. The cannabis industry will be booming whether it is legal or not, but people in the legal marijuana industry will have an advantage over the black […]

The Colorado Court of Appeals has decided that because of Amendment 64, the legislation law that legalized recreational marijuana in the Rocky Mountain state, some past marijuana convictions may qualify for reversal. The decision does not apply to expungement of decades-old convictions; the courts will only consider overturning minor possession charges that are no longer considered […]

Beginning April 1, 2014, Nevada law will permit a limited number of medical marijuana dispensaries, cultivation facilities, testing labs, and edible marijuana product manufacturers to operate in the state. In anticipation of the potential conflict between state and federal law, the Nevada Bar Association filed a request with the state’s Supreme Court asking for protection for […]

The state of Colorado brings in $3.5 million in cannabis-related tax revenue during the month of January. If this keeps up, the first state to legalize recreational marijuana could see $40 million by the end of the year. Read Full Story On http://www.forbes.com