Todd Mitchem of Todd Mitchem Cannabis Consulting and CannaSearch LLC is on a mission to help doctors understand that they must learn about the benefits of cannabis in the body as a wellness medicine. When Todd’s mother was diagnosed with cancer a second time her doctor told her that she had only six months remaining to put her affairs in order.  “That […]

PAINWeek, the largest US pain conference for Frontline Practitioners, announced  that the 2014 Conference will feature a new course track exploring the current prescribing environment for medical marijuana in the treatment of chronic pain from both medical and legal perspectives. This new track, to be presented on Saturday, September 6, will include consideration of best medical […]

In response to Canada’s new medical marijuana rules that eliminates home growing by patients and requires that medical cannabis be purchased by licensed providers,  CanvasRx has launched what it is calling “the first comprehensive database for medical marijuana today”.  With no cost to patients or doctors, the new database matches marijuana strains to symptoms, and connects […]

A new survey by WebMD reveals that the majority of doctors support national medical marijuana legalization because it can deliver real benefits to patients. WebMD’s survey was completed from Feb. 25 to March 3, 2014 by 1,544 doctors representing more than 12 specialty areas in 48 states. Here’s a look at their responses: 69% say it […]