marijuana prescription

Talking to your doctor about medical cannabis is not always easy. If you are interested in using marijuana for medicinal purposes and wish to discuss the matter with your physician, check out the following tips: Be Serious – Do not try to use unnecessary justifications to get a recommendation so that you get high legally. Marijuana […]

Dr. Michael Hart set up his practice a year ago and has been prescribing medical marijuana for several months. He believes that he is the first family physician in the London, Ontario area to write authorizations for marijuana use, allowing patients to buy it online from federally licensed marijuana producers. Hart said it’s a matter […]

During an interview this week, Larry King asked Dr. Oz if he’d changed his views on marijuana: “I have,” Oz responded, “I grew up like most of my generation believing that marijuana was something Satan was throwing at Americans, a communist plot. But I think most of us have come around to the believe that […]