A Minnesota mother claims that Gov. Mark Dayton insensitively suggested to her, and other legal medical marijuana advocates that he invited into his home, to obtain cannabis illegally. After Jessica Hauser explained to the governor how cannabis could help her son and others like him who suffers from epilepsy, she claims “the governor actually suggested I should just find […]

Tina DeSilvio is so determined to give her teenage daughter marijuana, she is mixing cannabis buds with 180-proof alcohol and letting the concoction evaporate into a sticky, olive-green substance to add to coconut oil.   Read Full Story on http://articles.philly.com/2014-02-12/news/47238899_1_meghan-wilson-compassionate-care-foundation-marijuana

Mothers in the Philippines want legal access to medical marijuana, and some are conservatives who are only resorting to marijuana because they have long given up on ineffective medicines. Read Full Story on http://www.rappler.com/nation/49448-medical-marijuana-philippines-moms-for-marijuana