Otto Perez, the president of Guatemala, said his country could present a plan to legalize production of marijuana and opium poppies towards the end of 2014 as a way to curb the power of organized crime. Guatemala, a major coffee producer which is one of the most violent countries in the Americas, has suffered from incursions […]

Developed by CDx Life, a California-based science and technology company, MyDx is a portable analyzer that will deliver a cannabis strain analysis revealing the abundance of cannabinoid properties such as THC and CBD. MyDx is a handheld device that attaches to your phone and works through a downloadable app designed to sync to iOS and Android smartphones. Once they […]

Nevada’s medical marijuana laws went into effect today (April 1st, 2014), making it legal to sell, grow, test and tax medical marijuana in the state. However, government officials say not to expect medical marijuana dispensaries, indoor grow facilities or testing labs to materialize immediately. “There are so many what ifs,” said Adam Mayberry, spokesman for the […]

Denver 4/20 Rally 2014: April 19th, 10 AM – 5 PM & April 20th, 9 AM – 6 PM Civic Center Park E. Broadway Avenue & Colfax Denver, CO 80202 This year’s 420 Rally is going to give guests the marijuana experience of the future  and will be a celebration of the historic revolutionary steps […]

The recent cannabis job fair that took place in Denver offered a glimpse at the potential long-term benefits of marijuana legalization: more jobs, more tax payers, and fewer arrests. The cannabis industry will be booming whether it is legal or not, but people in the legal marijuana industry will have an advantage over the black […]