Attention all individuals wishing to expand their knowledge of the medical marijuana industry. You are encouraged to attend the Northeast Cannabis Career Institute to gain a greater perspective of the “green rush” that is sweeping the country. Read Full Story On

Nearly two months after they became legal in Colorado, recreational marijuana sales finally arrived in Boulder County as two shops opened their doors.   Read Full Story On

WikiLeaf is a comparison shopping website for medical marijuana users to locate nearby dispensaries in four states — California, Colorado, Washington and Oregon — and comparison-shop for the lowest rates on weed. Read Full Story On

Medical Greens becomes exclusive distributor of Monarch Vaporizer Pens in an attempt to capitalize on the growth of vaporizing as an important accessory for a growing number of Americans. The Monarch vape pen is very easy to use by simply pushing the button and inhaling. A well-measured dose of vapor is dispensed automatically. The pen […]

Mobile Cannabis Currency — a fully functional mobile payment system branded for the Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Industry has been developed.   Read Full Story On

Cheekily called Ross’ Gold — a play both on his Olympic gold medal and names for types of marijuana — the company expects to set up a flagship store in Whistler. Read Full Story On

Legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use is top news right now. And it’s momentum has created a “green rush” of people trying to cash in on the cannabis industry.   Read Full Story On

The U.S. government released new rules that allow banks to work with licensed marijuana businesses but there is skepticism that Bitcoin might still be better.   Read Full Story On