Today is the beginning of the 2018 Winter Olympics. And while this is usually a time for people to sit at home watching people play sports, others will be motivated to go out and hit the slopes themselves. If you’re in the latter group, here are eight marijuana strains that could improve your performance. 8. […]

Throughout pop culture and literature, the effects of various drugs on sexual appetites and experiences have been well-documented. It’s little wonder why college kids and adults alike spend maximum time drinking at bars or parties to find a sexual partner. But what effects does marijuana have on our erotic exploits? For some, smoking cannabis leads […]

Journalist Hunter S. Thompson, who so memorably wrote about drifting through Las Vegas with a “car full of marijuana and head full of acid,” is destined for immortality of the cannabis variety. Marijuana strains, of the same stuff he enjoyed while he was alive, will be officially labeled with his Gonzo brand. The plants will […]

The future of medical marijuana might be at your fingertips. PotBot, a mobile app developed by the company Potbotics, helps users find out the best weed for their body, and recommend the right strain of marijuana for your particular medical condition. While the advice of your pot dealer or local budtender (if you live in […]

The result is short plant that flowers densely and gives a very strong stony effect. Its aroma is hashier than what you would otherwise expect from it but the strong aroma easily compensated for with the length and strength of its hit. Growers love the strain as when White Rhino is grown on hydrophonics its […]

These five strains have been chosen in honor of Super Bowl XLIX, the much anticipated face-off between the NFC champs, Seattle Seahawks, and the AFC victors, New England Patriots. The game will be played on Sunday February 1, 2015, and these popular strains seem to have been tailored for the event. Click here to see […]

Many medicinal marijuana users aren’t aware that there are two very different strains of the cannabis plant. In order to address this knowledge gap, hired an artist to illustrate the major differences between the two… Source:

BOOK REVIEW: Cannabis Sativa: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains, Volume 3 Edited by S.T. Oner, Introduction by The Rev S.T. Oner’s latest addition to the popular series of cannabis strain guides continues to be an excellent reference source for all cannabis enthusiasts, growers, patients, and vendors. Cannabis plants are classified into […]