Aquaponics has been used for years to cultivate robust harvests of vegetables in urban areas pressed for space and water. It’s a method that can convert a suburban garage, an empty parking lot, and maybe one day even a geodesic dome on Mars, into an ecosystem that can sustain both animal and plant life. Aquaponics […]

Challenge – Year-round growing environment Solution – Five 30’ W by 96’ L GrowSpan Series 500 Greenhouses Application – Cannabis production Rebel Spirit Cannabis Company is a Tier II recreational cannabis producer in Oregon, co-owned by Christopher Bechler and Diane Downey. Rebel Spirit came to life through years of hard work and determination, and they […]

The Netherlands’ contradictory laws on cannabis could finally be resolved as, for the first time, the majority of MPs look to back a bill that would legalize government-regulated cannabis cultivation. It would allow coffee shops to buy from licensed cannabis growers and would implement quality control. Currently, licensed coffee shops can sell small amounts of […]

The result is short plant that flowers densely and gives a very strong stony effect. Its aroma is hashier than what you would otherwise expect from it but the strong aroma easily compensated for with the length and strength of its hit. Growers love the strain as when White Rhino is grown on hydrophonics its […]

NorthWest Organic Nursery, Inc. has been granted its license by the state of Washington to grow marijuana for recreational consumption by adults. NW Organic Nursery is an outdoor family-run organization based just outside of Bellingham, WA that prides itself on using only the finest organic materials and ensuring that only the most feasibly sustainable practices are […]

A subsidiary company of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate, Cubic Designs Inc., is reportedly exploring the waters of the cannabis industry. The company that specializes in  increasing work space by producing work platforms for commercial warehouses,  has sent around 1,000 letters to marijuana dispensaries over the past few weeks, offering to help them “double your growing […]

Ecologist James P. McMahon’s company, Elevate 420, specializes in providing water purification systems to home, retail and wholesale marijuana growers. Each are designed with the science of marijuana growing in mind. McMahon designed the Bud Booster™ water filter specifically for home and retail marijuana growers. McMahon’s Bud Booster water filters “eliminate toxins like fluoride, chlorine, and […]

Organigram Inc. joined Bedrocan (BED) on  Monday as another licensed Canadian medical cannabis cultivation company to become a publicly traded licensed producer under Canada’s Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), offering investors an alternative to Tweed (TWD) in the budding market.  After completing its reverse merger and a mandatory trading halt, investors can now purchase the stock under the ticker symbol “OGI”. Canada’s […]