Marijuana legalization now enjoys majority support in the U.S. — 52 percent of Americans support legalization, 42 percent oppose it, and 7 percent remain undecided, according to the latest General Social Survey. But most changes to marijuana law aren’t happening at the federal level, they’re happening in the states. In some, possession and use remains […]

On March 24, cannabis oil activist Shona Banda‘s life was flipped upside-down after her son was taken from her by the State of Kansas. The ordeal started when police and counselors at her 11-year-old son’s school conducted a drug education class. Her son, who had previously lived in Colorado for a period of time, disagreed […]

I have an American Eskimo Dog who LOVES to eat sticks. I’ve tried all sorts of things to discourage this behavior, but it continues nonetheless. The removal of some dead trees this fall left behind some tasty morsels which we did our best to rake up, but whenever the wind blows or the squirrels get […]

Indications are that the fight for medical marijuana in Florida will be extremely tight. A new Gravis Marketing poll finds Amendment 2, the Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions, falls just short of what is needed for approval. The survey of likely voters found 55 percent planning to voter for the medical marijuana amendment […]

Medical marijuana advocate turned write-in candidate for Rhode Island governor, Anne Armstrong, has garnered instant social media attention by smoking what she says is pot in a campaign video. Armstrong, who said she smokes cannabis every day, uses it for medicinal purposes, and also argues that it helps her focus and communicate with people around […]

A national marijuana advocacy group took steps to begin raising money for a campaign to legalize recreational pot use in California in 2016, a move with potential to add a dose of extra excitement to the presidential election year. The Marijuana Policy Project filed paperwork with the California secretary of state’s office registering a campaign […]

KTVA Reporter Charlo Greene revealed herself as the owner of the medical marijuana business Alaska Cannabis Club and told viewers that she would be using all of her energy to fight for legalizing marijuana in Alaska. Greene reported on the Alaska Cannabis Club during Sunday night’s broadcast. And at the end of the report, during […]

Police Chief, Mike Koval, of Madison, Wisconsin endorsed the legalization of marijuana , saying the drug should be regulated and taxed, with revenues used to fund treatment programs for harder drugs. Koval said he would like to see the state “acknowledge the failure” of marijuana prohibition and instead focus on the “infinite amount of challenges” […]

The country’s self-styled “Prince of Pot” is due to return to Canada today after finishing a U.S. sentence for selling cannabis seeds to customers south of the border. Marc Emery is set to cross into Ontario from Detroit after serving a five-year sentence, and his wife, Jodie Emery, says she will be there awaiting his […]

Marijuana was decriminalized in Washington D.C. earlier this summer, but on Nov. 4, District of Columbia voters will join Alaska and Oregon and vote to decide whether to make marijuana legal.  If D.C voters were to approve Question 71, it would become legal to possess up to two ounces of marijuana, grow up to six plants, and share […]

It’s only been a few days since The NY Times endorsed the repeal of federal law banning marijuana, but one Southern California medical marijuana information service is calling the paper out for hypocrisy.  It turns out the paper, which said in its editorial that cannabis is “far less dangerous than alcohol,” still tests new employees for marijuana […]

The New York Times editorial board endorsed the repeal of federal law banning marijuana use on Saturday with the article “Repeal Prohibition, Again”, a landmark moment in the decades-long fight for legalization. In the first of an interactive six-part series, the editorial board argues that the ban on marijuana has caused “great harm on society […]

The San Jose City Council’s actions regarding medical cannabis has activated the cannabis voter base for the June 3rd elections. To encourage turnout for several closely contested races, including the mayoral race, collectives are providing discounts and even free weed to encourage their supporters to vote. To help, the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition (SVCC) has […]

In the best-case scenario for pro-pot campaigners, there could be two initiatives on Oklahoma’s November ballot: One that would allow medical marijuana and another that would comprehensively dismantle current cannabis policies. Local marijuana reform advocates hope their state will live up to its nickname – the Sooner State – by becoming the first U.S. jurisdiction […]

In France, cannabis has been illegal since 1970 and carries a penalty of up to one year in prison and a fine of 3,750 euros; however, that didn’t stop hundreds of protesters all over France from rallying  in favor of legalizing cannabis. In Paris, protesters gathered on Bastille Square on Saturday, after Cannabis Without Frontiers, an […]

Holley and Peyton Moseley have spent the last few months urging Florida lawmakers to find a way to make a special strain of marijuana available to their daughter and other children like her. Their daughter, RayAnn has cerebral palsy and has suffered from intractable epilepsy, a debilitating disease that often takes children before their 20th birthday. For […]

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana filed a petition on Wednesday to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Nevada. The group needs to get 101,667 signatures by Nov. 11 to move the process forward. The first stop could be the 2015 Nevada Legislature. Because of tax components the petition would need only two-thirds of the […]

Nearly 150 demonstrators bashed New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, in a spirited protest outside the front door of the Statehouse in Trenton. The 4/20 demonstration was a protest against Christie’s opposition to decriminalization and legalization of marijuana, and included remarks from Makeda Marley, the youngest daughter of reggae legend Bob Marley and Jawara McIntosh, the […]

Medical Cannabis Listening Session: May 1, 2014, 6 P.M – 8 P.M. Southeastern Adams Volunteer Emergency Services Building 5865 Hanover Road Hanover, PA, 17331 Senator Richard Alloway II, Representative Dan Mouland, and Representative Will Tallman will host an educational forum on Thursday, May 1, in Hanover, PA regarding the potential use of cannabis for medicinal […]

Supporters of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Alaska are fighting back after hearing news that a group collectively known as “Big Marijuana. Big Mistake. Vote No On 2” announced plans to challenge the latest cannabis legalization initiative by proving to the public that marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol. The pro-marijuana campaign supporters […]

The Arkansans for Compassionate Care group has been traveling the state to get signatures for their petition to get the Medicinal Cannabis Act on the November 4 ballot. The non-profit needs 62,507 signatures for the initiative to get on the ballot. In 2012 the initiative failed to pass by less than two percent of the popular […]

Denver 4/20 Rally 2014: April 19th, 10 AM – 5 PM & April 20th, 9 AM – 6 PM Civic Center Park E. Broadway Avenue & Colfax Denver, CO 80202 This year’s 420 Rally is going to give guests the marijuana experience of the future  and will be a celebration of the historic revolutionary steps […]

Military veteran, T.J. Thompson is waging a personal battle on behalf of veterans’ health rights everywhere to change medical cannabis laws in Virginia.  Thompson says he’s tried traditional medicine in the Navy, for his PTSD, but it did not work for him. Read Full Story On

Armed with signs that exclaimed “legalize, not legal lies” and “turning a red state green in 2016,” about 50 people marched for marijuana legalization here Monday morning.   Read Full Story On

It is vital for all activists to support Alaska and Florida’s efforts to reform failed cannabis laws.   Read Full Story On

We have created advocacy pages for all the cannabis law reform bills currently filed in the Missouri General Assembly.   Read Full Story On