The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association is exploring the idea of pot for pets.

“Currently, veterinarians have no legal pathway to dispense or prescribe cannabis for animals. However, the CVMA recognizes the veterinary community is in the midst of rapid change in this area with some anecdotal evidence of benefits, but a lack of peer-reviewed, controlled clinical studies on cannabis. We are in an interesting position on how to create an open dialogue with our clients,” said Dr. Troye McPherson, 2017-18 CVMA president, in a news release.

The association is urging Health Canada to change regulations for vets.

“Veterinarians should always be the primary source of health-related information for animals,” said Silcox. “The CAVCM is working closely with the CVMA to encourage Health Canada to amend the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) to include veterinarians and our patients, and to permit the future classification of CBD as a Veterinary Health Product.”

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