49% of pediatricians weren’t aware they can prescribe cannabis to children, according to a survey of pediatricians released Thursday by the Canadian Pediatric Surveillance Program (CPSP), and 39% didn’t know they could prescribe to youths.

More than three-quarters reported little to no knowledge about why cannabis might be used or what the correct dosage might be.

Half of the pediatricians who responded to the survey reported treating patients who were using medical marijuana in the year prior, for reasons both authorized and unauthorized. The vast majority, per the survey, saw five or less patients who used cannabis.

Despite half saying they treated a patient who was using cannabis for medical reasons, only 34 said they personally had prescribed authorized cannabis use in the year prior.

This survey is just one step toward untangling the confusion around how pediatricians can and should use medical marijuana. With legalization coming Oct. 17, there are still many health professionals saying they don’t have enough knowledge around prescribing cannabis.

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