There are certain states we think of when we think of marijuana sales, such as California and Colorado. But are there other states that are making a major impact on the cannabis industry in the United States?

Here is a list of the 10 states that had the highest marijuana sales in 2017:

10. Maine – $83.4 Million
9. Illinois – $91.1 Million
8. Nevada – $102.6 Million
7. Massachusetts – $106 Million
6. Arizona – $406.6 Million
5. Michigan – $633 Million
4. Oregon – $777 Million
3. Washington – $1 Billion
2. Colorado – $1.56 Billion
1. California – $2.75 Billion

No surprise that the first three states to legalize recreational marijuana made it into the top four along with California. They were followed by Michigan, which has the most medical marijuana users in the country outside of California.

Nevada barely made it into the top 10, but they only allowed recreational sales starting in July of last year. So they could also see a big jump in 2018.

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