There is a surprising lack of precision when it comes to prescribing and using medical marijuana.

Measuring the right dosage can be tough for cannabis patients who take their medicine in puffs instead of pills. That’s why metered dosing is becoming more popular in the medical market, where relief of symptoms is the primary reason for consuming medical marijuana in the first place.

In both the medical and recreational market, understanding dosage is becoming more important. While consumers are becoming more knowledgeable, the majority of people don’t fully understand how dosing works.

One third of American cannabis users don’t know what their preferred dosage is, according to BDS Amalytics. They also found that 19 percent say their preferred dose is less than five mg per day, 28 percent say the desired dosage is between 5 to 20 mg, and just over a quarter of users prefer to consume more than 20 mg of cannabis per day.

Companies should take notice and alter their packaging so that consumers are more aware of the dosage and potential effects of what they’re purchasing.

Making the extra effort to inform consumers would also appeal to lawmakers who are anxious about unintended consequences of cannabis legalization, like spikes in hospital visits.

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