A cannabis company in Oregon has teamed up with a dispensary to help kids taken from undocumented parents. Leif Goods will donate $1 for each of its chocolate bars sold at Farma during the next week.

In the last six weeks, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has separated nearly 2,000 migrant children from their parents.

“We feel strongly that this policy is stepping past a border of decency and humanity, and feel compelled to step up to create awareness and financial support to those who can be on the ground assisting in a tangible manner,” said Carrie Solomon, co-owner of Leif Goods.

Solomon said that Leif Goods will donate the money to the group Kids in Need of Defense. The nonprofit organization provides legal representation to undocumented children appearing in immigration court.

In May, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump administration had adopted a “zero tolerance policy” for people caught crossing the border.

Since Sessions announced the crackdown, the government has removed almost 2,000 children from a nearly equal number of adults. The DHS is now housing the children in facilities ranging from tent cities to repurposed Walmart stores.

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