Dreaming of a space where patrons will be advised by knowledgeable cannabis guides, with after-dinner activities in the same facility designed to let patrons fully immerse themselves in the high, Chris Sayegh, who’s been building up the hype around his HERB restaurant concept over the past year, tells Cannabis Now that securing permits and building out a space will take place in late 2018.

Sayegh has been hosting infused dining events since 2013, during a period when the cannabis events space was a very grey area.

Debby Goldsberry’s Magnolia Wellness dispensary in Oakland dispensary in Oakland is close to realizing a dream that represents the final frontier for many enthusiasts — a place where pot lovers can congregate in peace and enjoy the experience of imbibing their favorite plant, while also eating, drinking and relaxing in a hospitable atmosphere.

In August, Nevada’s Clark County Business Licensing Director Jacqueline Holloway issued a warning to promoters: “It is unlawful to advertise and invite the public to consume marijuana at parties, dining events, recreational events such as yoga and swimming, and other types of events, even if events are held at a private residence.”

At risk of losing their licenses if found in violation, the warning has chilled the cannabis events business in Las Vegas, and entrepreneurs are currently lobbying for additional permits and license types to allow public consumption.

As California enacts its permitting process for cultivators, sellers, distributors and testers, chefs and event promoters have been forced to wait as the Bureau of Cannabis Control devised a way to address consumption events, with lobbying efforts underway by Sayegh and others to establish a workable system.

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