marijuana prescription

Talking to your doctor about medical cannabis is not always easy. If you are interested in using marijuana for medicinal purposes and wish to discuss the matter with your physician, check out the following tips:

Be Serious – Do not try to use unnecessary justifications to get a recommendation so that you get high legally. Marijuana has some very genuine medical benefits, and should not be used as an excuse for puffing.

Do Your Homework – Prior to visiting your doctor, make sure you have the basic information about medical marijuana and the way it can be beneficial to your condition. Take time to study the available literature about your condition and how cannabis relates to it.

Be Honest – Transparency is important in creating a good relationship with your physician. Be candid about why you feel cannabis might help, and also ensure you are honest about your earlier use of the plant. If you believe a specific type of marijuana or marijuana-derived product might be helpful to you, do not hesitate to let the doctor know.

Ask Questions – While it is imperative that you enlighten yourself about marijuana and its medical benefits, ensure you are not the only one talking when you visit the doctor. Instead, ensure you ask as many questions as possible. Ask the doctor about his view on medical marijuana, and whether he has ever recommended it again to other patients.

Know When to Let It Go – If you talk to your physician and he does not appear to be 100% convinced about recommending marijuana, respect their opinion. Regardless of how much you have researched about the topic, keep in mind you are speaking to a specialist and he knows why he has given you that kind of opinion.

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