Epidiolex, made by the United Kingdom-based GW Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of epilepsy, will likely become the first cannabis-derived medication approved by the FDA.

A panel of 13 advisers to the FDA unanimously suggested the drug be approved, examining medical trials and gauging the risk-benefit factors to prescribing the medication.

The CBD-based medication will face FDA review in June.

Epidiolex would be the first cannabis-based pharmaceutical to be approved by the FDA. The drug contains no THC, and would not have any psychoactive effects.

There is a consensus that cannabis-based treatments have an immensely positive effect on people struggling with epilepsy, even children. Some studies indicate that CBD oils can cut down on seizures by 50%.

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Epidiolex, made by the United Kingdom-based GW Pharmaceuticals, might become the first FDA-approved drug for the treatment of epilepsy. Although cannabis has been used anecdotally for years to treat seizures, CBD and THC may finally get the regulatory stamp of approval.

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