Smoking cannabis with friends is always a fun experience, but sometimes you just need a little time to yourself. When people smoke alone, they often spend their time listening to music or watching TV, but there are so many great creative activities they can be doing instead.

Next time you are high and alone, try one of these creative endeavors instead:

  1. Write a Screenplay – You could watch a movie, or you can write one.
  2. Build a Model – It doesn’t matter if it’s a model airplane or a model car; tiny model kits are lots of fun when you’re high.
  3. Shop Online – Sometimes you just need to splurge. Treat yourself to something nice.
  4. Go People Watching – Observing humanity is a trip even when you’re not high.
  5. Go to a Bookstore – We’re not talking about the Kindle store. Get out and explore a brick and mortar bookstore.
  6. Walk Around a Wealthy Neighborhood – Not only is it good exercise, but it inspires dreams of future riches.
  7. Learn to Cook – What goes better than food and cannabis? Nothing. That’s what.
  8. Start a Journal – Writing can be cathartic. Cannabis inspires creativity and emotional honesty.

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