The US has always had a turbulent relationship with cannabis. The substance has often been portrayed as a villainous, addictive, mind-altering drug, with harrowing consequences if used even once, as the below video demonstrates.

However, as laws become more passive to the sale and possession of cannabis, so have the attitudes surrounding its use. For example, in 2014, Colorado launched a $2 million campaign known as Don’t Be a Lab Rat, in an attempt to discourage citizens from using cannabis.

The campaign presented adverts with human-sized rat cages set up in public places to show the horrific consequences of smoking marijuana. The campaign was a huge failure and was then replaced with a $5.7 million campaign titled Good to Know which aimed to raise awareness in order to teach kids how to use marijuana safely and responsibly.

The growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis has opened a window of opportunity for many budding entrepreneurs, a community well known for its creativity, passion and tech-savvy business skills. Startups in the cannabis industry are flourishing.

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