After acquainting yourself with cannabis culture you may have heard the phrase “marijuana trimmer” and still not been clear about what it means. In the simplest terms, “marijuana trimmer” is the name given to a person with the knowledge and skills to properly trim and meticulously prune (a process also called manicuring) cannabis flowers without damaging them. Trimming marijuana is important, though often taken for granted, because most of the cannabinoid-rich trichomes form on cannabis flowers (not the leaves that get trimmed away) and the process increases the “bag appeal” of a harvest.

Cannabis trimming jobs (at legitimate growing operations) are entry-level positions that usually pay between $12-15 per hour, but some growers pay by weight to encourage a fast turn-around. Before the recent wave of cannabis legalization, people from all walks of life and all over the world would find part-time, seasonal jobs as “trimmers” along America’s west coast (particularly in California) during autumn, which was the main harvest season for black market marijuana growers. These days, however, legal cannabis growers have been able to expand their farming capabilities to allow for year-round harvests, which has resulted in a constant need for talented, hard-working marijuana trimmers.

Aside from experience handling and manicuring flowers (marijuana trimming is a skill you best cultivate on the job), most employers look for candidates with thorough knowledge of cannabis anatomy and the basic differences between cola structures of various strains.

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