Pretty much any kind of weed is awesome.

But, when it comes to indica vs sativa which one should you go with?

Today, I’ll show you the difference between indica and sativa when it comes to their high, how they grow and I’ll also dive into what a hybrid strain is.

Plus, a look into the less talked about genus—cannabis ruderalis.

Is There Even a Difference?

When shopping for new buds, everything you see will be labeled indica, sativa or hybrid.

You need to know how you’ll react to each one to make an informed decision.

If you’re looking for a quick answer, cannabis Indica is more of a sedating high, while cannabis sativa is more uplifting/energizing.

Or, so we’re told.

But then you have experts like, Jeffrey Raber P.h.d, that claim the difference between indica and sativa is simply morphology, and that there is no difference in the highs.

Well, which one is it?

Do the fancy names and classifications matter?

Let’s take a look at indica vs sativa vs hybrid to find out.

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