In any industry, there are low-end products, products that are somewhere in the middle, and products that a specially produced, curated, and selected to be the best and most unique

The cannabis industry is no different – just like the microbrew industry has craft beers, craft cannabis has been gradually gaining ground since the U.S. legalization process began in 1996. But what exactly is craft cannabis, how is it produced, where is it sold, and who’s buying it? This article delves into craft cannabis history and mystery, with a few recommendations of delicious craft cannabis for the discerning cannabis consumer.

Craft Cannabis

Cultivating cannabis has always been a special process – back in the days when cultivation was still illegal throughout the United States, places like the Emerald Triangle (Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity Counties) in Northern California got their names by producing some of the most consistently high-quality cannabis in the world. The word “craft” has always been associated with an artisan who is skilled at a certain type if creation, whether it’s crossing two medical cannabis strains to make one that works better than for pain relief, or building the perfect architectural masterpiece. Other professions we associate with “craft” are generally historical callings, like bookbinding, creating classic furniture, or learning to play the ukulele. Crafts involve using our hands to create something instead of modern tools like smart devices or assembly lines.

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