Up until about eight months ago, walking wasn’t an option for Enedina Stanger.

For four years, Stanger was in a wheelchair, in constant pain from a joint condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, or EDS.

“Every single joint was affected, they all (dislocated),” Stanger said.

After years of missing out on motherhood, she said she finally found the missing piece to the puzzle to treat her painful prognosis: a concoction of supplements she takes every day.

“It’s a conglomeration of everything in nature I could find — trace minerals — all of these are completely natural,” Stanger said.

One of her daily supplements includes marijuana. Stanger takes high doses of cannabidiol at least two to three times a day, in various forms.

“Indica, edibles, sativa edibles, indica pills, THC CBD capsules,” Stanger explained. “It gets me to where I am functioning again.”

Stanger credits the combination of cannabis and a unique form of chiropractic care for helping her toss all of her prescriptions and park her wheelchair for good.

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