One forward-thinking senior living provider is taking an extra step to clear the air around marijuana use by educating its residents about the green, leafy plant—and by permitting its employees to use the drug recreationally.

Colorado-based Balfour Senior Living plans to kick off a new “Cannabis 101” lecture series on August 8. The lectures, which are scheduled occur at each of Balfour’s four communities through September 15, are part of an effort to help answer questions and correct misconceptions about cannabis use, whether for medical or recreational purposes, Lindsay Mitchell, director of corporate communications at Balfour Senior Living, tells Senior Housing News.

“Balfour really prides itself on being a leader on education on a broad range of topics for our residents and for the entire community in which we operate,” Mitchell says.

Additionally, Balfour has found that in the competitive Colorado job market, it may be best not to test its employees for marijuana use, now that the drug is legal statewide.

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