If you’re on this website, it stands to reason you’re down with cannabis. The specific nuances possible from there are endless: vaping vs. smoking joints vs. tincture vs. bong rips vs. medicated bath salts (oh, it is real and it is glorious). Then there’s frequency and environment and mood and so on. But, just as people have a preferred pizza topping that seems to pair well with most circumstances, there’s also soulmate strains; the specific strain that makes things click.

Weed is great for a lot of reasons, but a large one is variability. I hoard my Pineapple Kush oil for taking the edge off of especially anxious social situations (like that Fourth of July rooftop shindig, featuring special guest appearances from two exes. Puffing that PK helped melt shoulder knots like a champ) but then the CBD-heavy sativa hybrid Harlequin is my BFF for prepping to tackle the monstrous kudzu takeover in my backyard. However, I find the mellow clarity of Blue Dream usually appropriate (as does another subject, detailed below). Naturally, these preferences vary by person, as everyone has their own tolerance, productivity windows, etc.

There’s no one-size-fits-all strain out there for every person for every occasion but that’s one of the most exciting aspects of green living: You’re never done discovering. That being said, dig into seven folks’ stories of their soulmate strain — how they met and how their harmonious affair continues to play out. Get inspired, get lifted, get your own.

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