Microdosing is a term that seems to be on everyone’s tongue lately, and we’ve covered it extensively in this article. For sexual purposes, you might wonder why microdosing matters, and how to incorporate a microdosing practice into your sex and cannabis experience.

For a bit of background, I chatted with Dr. Nick Karas, a sexologist and creator of The Passionate High whose work revolves around education and coaching for clients. “Microdosing is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of using cannabis to improve sexuality and intimacy,” says Karas. “Master your unique combination of strain, dosage and intention. Detach from the outcome and expectations and enjoy the journey.” In a sense, dosage is just another knob you can fiddle with in order to dial in on the perfect elevated sexual experience for you and/or your partner.

When to Use Cannabis Microdosing for Sex

Some scenarios that might benefit from microdosing include:

  • Parents or caregivers who cannot commit the time to “being high” in case of interruptions, but still want to incorporate cannabis into their sex lives. Most parents I know can barely find time to use the restroom by themselves much less scrape together five minutes for sex, but having the flexibility of being able to take a small hit and spend even a few brief moments really being with one another (eye gazing, taking a couple of breaths together) can feel connective and start creating sparks to return to later.

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