At first glance, it’s hard to decide who’s wearing the better outfit: the mustachioed man with the bud-leaf button-up and rhinestone ball cap, or the ponytail guy with the tie-dye shirt featuring a Rastafarian Cookie Monster, who looks a lot like regular Cookie Monster, but with dreadlocks and a treat you assume is laced.

But this isn’t a costume contest – it’s a celebration outside a dispensary, complete with DJs, food trucks and a line that belongs at the airport. That’s because on Saturday at midnight, Nevada became the fifth state to open dispensaries to recreational users, joining Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

“It’s like Christmas wrapped into New Year’s,” says Scot Rutledge, who worked on the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol campaign, which pushed for the successful ballot initiative last November. “It’s surreal.”

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