If you look at the shelves of your favorite dispensary these days, you may notice that something stands out at you…or you may notice that nothing in particular stands out. Therein lies the issue. In an industry that’s rapidly changing all the time, with new brands popping up daily, it’s surprising how little the on-shelf landscape has changed; it can feel like a sea of same. Brands are working hard to differentiate themselves using lab reports, testing numbers, strain names, but very few brands are putting forth as much effort to have a unique on-shelf experience. In many cases, the packaging being used was co-opted from other industries and is not especially well-suited for Cannabis users! Consumers are very sophisticated and their expectations of the Cannabis industry aren’t that different from what they expect out of gourmet foods, pharmaceuticals, or any other consumer good at a similar price point.

Doob Cube is a new solution for the market; it’s development was driven entirely by insights from Cannabis consumers, dispensaries and branded product companies. We learned that, for many, standard pop top containers are simply too tall, too narrow, and too difficult to open. Doob Cube, by contrast, has a wide mouth, is relatively shallow, and uses a standard child-resistant cap that’s easier to open, so the days of having to spill product everywhere to get things out of the bottom of the container are gone! There are also large corners, for easy grasping of product, a shallow channel around the perimeter and anti-static treatment, for easier collection of kief – and who doesn’t want that?!

From a dispensary and branded company perspective, Doob Cube offers the distinct advantage of offering more label space, to better tell your brand story or meet regulatory requirements – both essential elements in compliantly competing in the Cannabis space. They’re also stackable, thus making more efficient use of precious shelf space for dispensary owners, while providing a beautiful opportunity for creating stand-out brand blocks when merchandised – this can reduce branded companies’ needs to create additional, and sometimes costly, displayer units, as your packaging tells your story and grabs attention for you! Doob Cubes are also made in the USA, meaning that they can be available on short notice, with no risk of being stuck in customs, and are made from premium, recyclable materials – which is becoming ever more important to discerning consumers.

Doob Cubes were designed and are exclusively available at Denver Custom Packaging. Rao Murukurthy, the owner/operator of Denver Custom Packaging has over 20 years experience in the packaging industry. He grew up outside Chicago, where his family has owned a packaging company for over 40 years, and spent most of his free time as a kid learning the craft. As an adult, Rao worked for some of the biggest names in the packaging industry, gaining extensive knowledge of the needs of the Food, Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Supplements industries. In 2016, he and his wife moved back to her hometown of Denver where they started this family-run company to offer better options to the Cannabis industry and to continue growing American manufacturing businesses. Doob Cube is their first baby and it’s launch will be followed shortly by the launch of their second baby, a little girl due in late June.