Greengo Mission

Our mission is to provide pure, natural products for the pure, natural smoker by focusing on providing 100% natural rolling papers to the eco-friendly consumer and introducing adaptations of biodegradable hemp plastic packaging into the cannabis industry.

Greengo is the proud winner of The European Product Awards and Europe’s Number One rolling paper!

Created in 2008, Greengo had one goal. That goal was to do our part in ensuring a steadfast transition into the world of ecofriendly and consumer health related products.

It started with our focus being on that of purely natural ingredients and ridding the process of any chemicals. From Classic to King Size, all of or rolling papers are 100% Totally Chlorine Free, Unbleached and 100% Acacia Gum as our glue line. Our rolling papers are made from an FSC certified wood pulp. FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefit. You might ask, “Why not out of hemp?” Well, we had other plans in store for our hemp resources.

Greengo Ecofriendly Recycled Plastic

After launching our rolling papers, Greengo realized another green demand. Throughout the coffee shops in Holland, small plastic containers are used to dispense cannabis to consumers. Because they cannot take it with them they have a system where those plastic containers are then collected and recycled. Well, Greengo as we are, saw this as a source of useable plastic. Being that the originator of Greengo owned a portion of an injection company, it very much made sense to put this plastic back to use in the cannabis industry. So, we created our ecofriendly line of plastic rolling trays and grinders. You can even see the cannabis still in the products, which as you can imagine has given us some trouble getting them into the United States.

Greengo New Innovations

5 years ago, alongside Greengo winning The European Product Awards, there was another very unique and ecofriendly company. This company had created a 3D printing form of biodegradable hemp plastic. Luckily, Greengo products are very well known throughout Europe and we currently had existing molds for plastic rolling trays, grinders, pre-roll tubes and containers from our ecofriendly recycled line of products. A friendship formed and a partnership started to thrive. With years of engineering an injection system capable of the extremely high pressures necessary to cold inject this biodegradable hemp plastic and the molds to hold, it is exciting to see it all develop. Because of the efforts, time, focus, dedication and energy of this amazing team, we are proud to present to you the first ever biodegradable hemp based plastic. At its current thickness and hemp content it is 1.5 times the strength of traditional petroleum based plastic and it has 3 times the rigidity. Yet, if you put it in your garden, amongst heat, moisture and microorganisms, it will be compost in 18 months. Truly amazing!

Greengo Rolling Papers

All Greengo rolling papers are made from Totally Chlorine Free, Unbleached, and Completely Chemical Free material. Allowing smokers to truly taste and experience their product of choice in a more health conscious manner. We are proud to say that all of our packaging is composed of recycled paper material, making Greengo the all-around ecofriendly rolling paper product line. Greengo Rolling Papers are made at an ideal weight of 14g/m2, making our rolling papers one of the lightest rolling papers on the market today. You will notice the difference right away in the smoothness and flavorless addition to your preferred tobacco or herb products. STOP SMOKING CHEMICALS!!

Biodegradable Hemp Plastic

Greengo is introducing the FIRST EVER Biodegradable Hemp Plastic Packaging option! Welcome to a brand new world without plastic waste! All of Greengo’s biodegradable hemp plastic products are completely bio based and biodegradable. They will be turned into compost in just 18 months, but only if exposed to air, water and microorganisms at the same time. Our material does not just dissolve in a storm or a rain shower and is stable up to 150° F. If one of our biodegradable hemp plastic products ends up in the sea, it will dissolve completely, although that will take some more time than in soil. But in the end, it will dissolve completely, leaving no traces of pollution or everlasting particles.

We produce pre-roll tubes, grinders, rolling trays, seed tubes and containers in our Biodegradable Hemp Plastic at this time, with big plans for future developments in the packaging industry and Child Resistant Containers coming in October! Our material, at its current thickness and hemp content, is 1.5 times stronger and has 3 times the rigidity as traditional petroleum based plastic. It is an extremely durable and reusable option for your pre-roll and other cannabis packaging needs!

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