The war on drugs or at least the cannabis industry is heating up and certain to create even more nervousness among cannabis investors. While the Department of Justice has its hands tied with regards to being funded to pursue cannabis law breakers, other parties are cracking down.

In April, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials seized a large shipment of Stashlogix containers in Los Angeles, referring to the product’s “combination lock, used to prevent children from gaining access to the marijuana contained inside,” as drug paraphernalia and justification for the seizure. Stashlogix makes personal travel and storage cases designed to keep pharmaceuticals, medications and valuables out of reach of kids, pets, or snoops.

Skip Stone founded the company two years ago and has patented the storage cases. Ancillary cannabis businesses have been thought to be the low-risk side of the industry, but that could be changing. Amazon even sells Stashlogix products on their website, so by this logic then Amazon is selling paraphernalia.

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