Throughout the years, the image of the stoner has been associated to foods such as pizza and burgers. The increase in appetite, more popularly called the “munchies”, often hits pot users within a short time after consuming the plant. You would think that with all that eating, people who smoke weed would be in danger of becoming obese or getting diabetes but, as it turns out, this is not the case. Several studies have shown that medicinal cannabis can be taken to help users stay slim, have lower body-mass-index measurements and have a lower risk for getting diabetes. This all remains true, even though it turns out medicinal cannabis users consume more calories.

Marijuana as a Metabolic Aid

A 2013 study led by Murray Mittleman, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, was published in the American Journal of Medicine. The study looked at more than 4,600 men and women who participated in the Nutrition Examination Survey between 2005 and 2010 and studied their marijuana habits, factoring it into their age, sex, physical activity, income, alcohol and cigarette intake. 12 percent smoked regularly and 48 percent had smoked at least once in their lives. What the study uncovered was the marijuana intake helped the men and women to metabolize carbohydrates.

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