There’s only a couple of weeks left before Christmas (or whatever you choose to celebrate during the holiday season), and if you’re still looking for the best stoner Christmas gifts, we’ve got you covered.

These gifts are sure to guarantee that marijuana love in your life is filled with merry this holidaze seasons. Great for any pothead, whether a seasoned veteran or occasional consumer, if you act now you can still likely order and ship on time! Well then here they are:

TWB’s 6 Best Stoner Christmas Gifts for 2016


Stashbox is a once a month surprise box of cannabis lifestyle gear, hand picked just for you, delivered right to your door. The perfect stoner Christmas gift, it involves very little work on the receivers part. You begin by answering a few questions about your lifestyle, and then, based on your profile, Stashbox is able to match you with 5-8 personalized items ranging from pipes and papers, to apparel, munchies and more. Each month, you rate and review your gear to earn rewards AND make every box better as your subscription continues. My box included a Raw rolling machine, an Eagle torch lighter, a glass hand bubbler, a dabber tool, Futurola cones, papers, and crutches, and a Terpene Labs container for concentrates. WAY cool!

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