In states like California, getting access to medical marijuana is inexpensive and fast. In other states, getting qualified with a doctor could take months and cost hundreds of dollars. Worse still your doctor can’t tell you where to get it, how much you should take, or what strain of cannabis might work best for your condition. In other words, they can recommend a drug to you…and then you’re on your own.

Understandably, this is one of the reasons why doctors are hesitant to discuss cannabis in the first place.

“While doctors are able to approve or recommend—not prescribe—medical marijuana, federal law keeps them at arm’s length in terms of actually providing any assistance to the patient,” explains Liz McDuffie, director of Medical Cannabis Caregivers, a nonprofit that provides resources to support the advancement of healthcare services under state-approved medical marijuana programs.

“While they can refer to research data and anecdotal information, federal law prohibits them from discussing dosage, for example, so patients need to get that from someone at a collective. All doctors can do is sign the form.”

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